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What We Do

We’re here to help you increase sales and profitability in your store. We’ll partner with you to bolster your F&I offering with the best dealership training and extended service contracts in the industry. More importantly, we’ll help you get the best from the most important part of your dealership – your team.

How We Do It

Drivewise provides dealerships with the tools and training needed to capitalize on growth opportunities. Our F&I training and coaching not only helps dealers select the right tools, but provides them with the knowledge required to utilize them effectively. We work side-by-side as partners with your F&I and sales departments, and are here to ensure your protection and profitability.

Why We Do It

We wanted to change the status quo. As dealers, F&I agents and business owners ourselves, we understand thoroughly the challenges dealers are up against. We’ve lived through them, we’ve developed proven solutions, and we want to put them to work for you.

Recent Articles

The Basics of F&I

Let’s start at the beginning: you already have a sales process, even if it’s just in your head, that you follow because it continues to work for you.  My experience has taught me that In order to succeed at F&I, all you need to do is to expand that process to...

Selling F&I at Independent Dealerships

If you own or manage a non-franchise dealership, which has no dedicated F&I Manager, you understand the need to start selling more ‘back-end’ products. You already know that this F&I stuff is a critically- important profit source, that will also serve to keep...

Pricing and Profit

Do dealerships need a system for pricing F&I products?  I’ve never seen a specific formula, consistently applied to all products in a store, though there may be a few dealers out there who are trying to execute one.  As an agent installing new products, one of the...

70 Years of Experience

Franchise and independent dealers all over the United States have counted on Drivewise F&I coaching and service products to drive success in their sales and finance departments. We partner with dealerships just like yours to improve product offerings, processes and growth potential, and are there to support you all along the way. With robust and thorough training sessions, high-value products and a fully prepared and knowledgeable team, we’ll help prepare your staff to better service your customers and exceed sales goals.

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